10 simple yet effective tips on how to boost creativity

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Looking forward to boost your creativity? Creativity is the heart and soul of your life. The power of creativity knows no bound. And just like every good thing comes to an end, even creativity can come to an end. How do you cope up with it and replenish your creativity? How to boost creativity when it is needed the most? It isn’t that difficult as you may think about it.

Below are a few simple yet effective hacks that will teach you how to boost creativity when you need it the most.

“Creativity is not an extra element in our lives..it is what gives purpose to human life.”

-Ken Robinson


“Experience taught me a few things. One is to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper.”

-Donald Trump 

Trust your gut and go ahead. Your intuition is one of your most powerful asset. Don’t let your powerful asset rot. Sometimes logic wont get you to your destination, your intuition will. What’s common among the most successful people is that they went with their intuition instead of spreadsheets and they are successful. Never be afraid to listen to what your inner side says.


Child-like curiosity

“Children are remarkable for their intelligence and ardor, for their curiosity, their intolerance of shams, the clarity and ruthlessness of their vision.”

-Aldous Huxley 

Have a curiosity like a child. Children are well known for their curiosity. They are always curious to learn more, to get ahead. A child’s brain is one of the most complicated thing in the world. The network of neurons inside a child’s brain is more complicated than the internet! “Stay hungry, Stay Foolish”, were the words of the late Steve Jobs. Curiosity plays an important part to improve your creativity.



Dare to think different and do different. It takes lot of strength to be different. Fearlessness and unconventionality play a major role in boosting your creativity. Never be afraid to do something fearing that someone would not accept it. You do not need someone’s acceptance, break the rules and fear no one.


Surround yourself around creative minds

You are influenced by your surroundings by a major part. The people with whom you spend your most time defines you. Your surrounding tones your thinking and don’t stay too long around people who drag you down. Stay surrounded among creative minds for as long as possible. Because they are the ones who will pick you up when you are down.


Music & Movies

Feeling down? Get your headphones out and groove in to the latest entertainment. Movies and music are a great source of inspiration for those feeling low on inspiration and creativity. But do not worry, we got your back, read the detailed list of inspirational songs and inspirational movies for inspiration and creativity boost.


Get away from your desk

You might be killing your creativity by tending to stay too long at your desk. Turn off your computer and mobile and go out. Life is much better outside. Nature is the best place for a quick creativity boost. Take a small trip outside to get your creative buds ticking. Too much work and advanced technology might be bogging you down and taking your productivity more lower. A small walk in the park will also make the deal.



Creativity usually comes in spurts, and usually not when you force it. Creativity is a natural process and you should always have a physical notebook (yes, physical one, don’t think about Evernote!) always with you. Keep on scribbling ideas or designs according to your work. It is always good to note down your ideas by hand on a notebook and try to keep it always with you. Scribbling on a notebook boosts your creativity ten folds as compared to just making lists.


Get used to mistakes

The fear of making mistakes is the killer of creativity. Creativity is achieved only when you do not fear to be different. Never be afraid to make mistakes, but make sure that it is never repeated. A fool is not the one who makes mistakes, but the one who does not repeat it. We are made to make mistakes and should always keep on learning from our mistakes. Mistakes are the best teachers in life. So give up the fear of failing, be bold, and learn from your mistakes.


Go to a new place

A change from the routine is always good. If you can afford it, visit a new place somewhere. Look at the world around you. It will open your closed-mindedness and boost creativity to great extent. A new place will give your brain some formal rest and get your thinking cap on.


Stop pretending

You are not alive to make someone happy or to be someone else. Be yourself. Don’t waste your time pretending to be someone you are not. Be the one whom you want to see yourself, not what others want you to become. Stop pretending and start doing. Deep inside you will know who you are really. You won’t get anywhere fooling those around you. Be brave to be yourself.




Have fun

Whatever you do, the creativity process is a fun thing to do and make sure you do not miss out on the most important one! Do what you enjoy doing and enjoy what you do. Have fun, be happy and your creativity will skyrocket.

What are your creativity hacks? Share your thoughts and comments below.


Srikanth A.N. is the founder and editor-in-chief of Infworm, one of the fastest growing technology and information destination. Srikanth is currently an Electronics Engineering undergrad from the University of Mumbai. Follow him on Google+.

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  1. logistico

    Wow!. Great article Shrikanth. This is the most encouraging entry ,about creativity I ever read. Some of these things you’ve said I am doing it already, but I never thought the others will revive our creative imagination too. Thinking that creativity is the major factor of every successful masterpiece. And I’ll always remember what you’ve said, be myself.
    Thanks for sharing.

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