Go for a 100,000 Stars Expedition with Google Chrome Workshop

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Google has recently released their work with Chrome Workshop to take you on a mind-blowing expedition of a 100,000 stars from your very own browser.


Now pack all your bags and get ready for a mind-blowing expedition of the universe of more than 100,000 stars with Google. Google has recently released their new work on the expedition of the universe with more than a 100,000 stars.


The Google’s Chrome Workshops have recently created a virtual tour of the universe covering a majority of number of stars discovered and named by our scientists. Using your mousepad and cursor, Google lets you travel into this very sophisticated 3D version of our very own galaxy.


If you want to learn everything from the basics and not finding it easy to scroll and pinch? It would be better if you would Take a Tour on the top right corner to let Google show you everything about the Galaxy, stars and planets. You can get a variety of views and get the actual density of the galaxy, which is pretty spectacular!


“100,000 Stars” is a demo of current web technology. It shows you 3D graphics and plays music by Mass Effect composer Sam Hulick. It accomplishes this magic using an alphabet soup of cool browser tech, including WebGL, CSS3D and Web Audio. And the good thing is this thing works just fine in any browser, and not just limited to Chrome browser.


Aaron Koblin wrote on the official Google Blog as:


“As you explore this experiment, we hope you share our wonder for how large the galaxy really is. It’s incredible to think that this mist of 100,000 measurable stars is a tiny fraction of the sextillions of stars in the broader universe.”

 You can visit the 100,000 stars expedition by Google HERE.
What do you think of the spectacular expedition of the universe? Share your thoughts and comments below.


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