20 reasons why you are not successful and how to fix it

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Success is one of the most coveted things in the pursuit of today’s normal man/women. Everyone wants success, who doesn’t and why everyone shouldn’t? After all a man is measured by his success. The way of perceiving things is different from different people, but majority of them weigh the life of a person by his achievements.

Now that you are here reading why you are not successful, you are already one step ahead of others as you have recognized yourself that you lack something. You lack that spark of success and everyone around you is seeming to be happy and successful? So why aren’t you successful?

Many things have already been everywhere about why you are not successful, now learn also how to fix them. Fix yourself and learn to be more successful than the others around you. Set a benchmark with your life’s achievements and improve yourself with these 20 reasons why you are not successful and how to fix it.

1) You live in Fear

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You fear everything and everyone. You live in fear of nonacceptance, fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear to do anything thinking what others would say. Fear kills you on the inside and still you continue to live with it. Fear hinders in being successful and you should do whatever it takes to eliminate fear from your life.

How to fix it?

Learn to be brave. Take responsibility of things and its outcomes whatsoever. Stay around people who make you feel comfortable and safe. Be brave once and you will see the difference it makes in your life.


2) You are lazy

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This tops the charts in the reasons for being unsuccessful. How can you manage to do something or achieve your goals when you are not willing to do it? If you are lazy, you have right to complain about being unsuccessful or compare with successful people.

 How to fix it?

Stop being lazy. Get up and start working on what you want. You don’t get anything easily. Stop wasting time on bugging others and working on your goals. Start small and increase working harder exponentially.


3) You don’t want

People want success, everyone wants success. No one wants to do hardwork. You want everything for granted and do not REALLY want success. Those who REALLY want success are already working on being one and you are not.

How to fix it?

The want of success is natural to humans. If you still lack the want to be successful, you shouldn’t probably be reading this.


4) Small thinking

People tend to incline to small thinking. Small ideas, small mindsets, small thoughts and much smaller goals. You think small. Your thoughts and thinking do not add up to much as they are very small. You have set your level too low and you can’t achieve much from it.

How to fix it?

Big ideas and big goals should be breakdown into small ones, not reducing the whole goal itself! Learn to think big and think different. Read the success stories of great people and learn how they think.


5) You are in a Social mess

Social engagement is very good on a personal viewpoint. Social activity boosts the brain activity and calms your nerves. But too much of anything hurts in return. You tend to spend most of your time in social interactions, meeting friends that you have little to no time for your goals.

How to fix it?

Set yourself a time-frame to meet your friends and be strict to stick to it. Nothing more, nothing less.


6) High expectations

Setting high goals is good, but not high expectations. People expect miracles to happen with little to no efforts. You might be expecting much better results than your efforts.

How to fix it?

Expect perfectly and you would never feel successfully. Only you know what efforts you have put in, so you would get accordingly. Don’t hope for miracles.


7) Don’t take risks

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You are afraid to take risks. This is also a fear, but not a fear in general. You are afraid to take risks and start something by yourself. You, in general don’t want to and in short hate taking risks.

How to fix it?

Take timely and calculated risks. Risk taking is good, but see to it that you don’t start gambling!


8) You cease to learn

Human life should be a process of learning and learning. And you are not learning. You might be afraid of the learning curve and give up a new thing as soon as you look at that learning curve!

How to fix it?

Start small and increase exponentially. Start learning whatever you want to and make sure you learn a thing or two daily on a consistent basis.


9) Lack resource management


You lack resource management. The management of your precious time, efforts and all resources you have in general. In this case, you are not making proper use of whatever you have.

How to fix it?

Do whatever you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are. Make the most of the things you have and you would never complain about not being successful.


10) You seek pleasure

You seek too much pleasure from the things you do. You want to enjoy a lot more than your efforts. You seek the pleasure of being successful, but you don’t want to work hard for it.

How to fix it?

Stop concentrating more on enjoying and work towards your goal.


11) You lack willingness

You lack the willingness to do things and make things happen. You are unwilling to do anything that you really want to do and be successful. If you lack willingness to do, stop worrying about success.

How to fix it?

Increase your willingness to do and achieve things. Work hard, plan efficiently and do things you really want to.


12) You compare a lot

You tend to compare with others a lot. Comparison is just a sign of where you stand, not to obsess with it. You waste your time comparing with others and feel sad about it.

How to fix it?

Stop obsessing about others and comparing them to yourselves.


13) You procrastinate

You waste a lot of your time procrastinating and have less time to actually do your thing. Procrastination is the killer of time and you have no time left as your brain is always pre-occupied with your thoughts.

How to fix it?

Stop procrastinating and start working. What you procrastinate tells what you  should be actually doing, so do what you procrastinate about.


14) Your surroundings

You are surrounded by people who drag you down. People who are happy for you on the outside but are jealous about you. People who do not want to help you and just act.

How to fix it?

Stop being around people who make your make you feel bad. Keep yourself surrounded with supportive people.


15) You lack patience

You lack patience for getting results. You are always in the pursuit of quick results. You want quick success, quick results and quick money making.

How to fix it?

It takes some time to get the results and be wary of it. Always remember that success comes in the long run and have patience for things to adjust themselves.


16) You lack belief

You lack the belief and faith in things to happen. You don’t have a belief inside yourself that you would be successful.

How to fix it?

Increase you faith and belief. Instill inside yourself a positive mindset and you can see the wonders of such a thinking. Think positive and make optimism your religion.


17) You lack motivation

You lack the motivation to do things. You strictly lack inspiration to achieve what you wan’t to.

How to fix it?

Motivate yourself with motivational movies, inspirational songs and keep yourself motivated with success stories and sayings.


18) You are unfocused

You juggle with lots of things at one time. Multitasking is multi-stupid. You are unfocused and want to do a lot of things at one time. You have lost your focus towards your main goal.

How to fix it?

Prioritize what you want and only work towards it. Reduce the noise around yourself and make space only for things that make a difference.


19) Luck

Luck is not the most important thing in being successful. Hence this has been pushed to the bottom. But luck does plays a little role in being successful. Some people get more than they deserve, it is their luck.

How to fix it?

What you can do about it? Nothing. Give your 100% and hope for the best.


20) Success is not Happiness

You tend to measure your happiness with your success. Success is not happiness. It is the other way round. Only if you are happy, you will feel more successful.

How to fix it?

Don’t measure your happiness with success. Learn to stay happy and satisfied. This will make you feel successful.

What do you think why you are not successful? Share your thoughts and comments below.


Srikanth A.N. is the founder and editor-in-chief of Infworm, one of the fastest growing technology and information destination. Srikanth is currently an Electronics Engineering undergrad from the University of Mumbai. Follow him on Google+.

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  1. It really takes a lot of hardwork, determination and persistence to become successful. No one is truly an overnight success story. It’s years in the making. Thanks for sharing your insights with our bizsugar community.


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