Anne Frank Diary Re-imagined in digital age for iPad and Nook

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Penguin Books have recently released a new Anne Frank’s world famous diary re-imagined for the digital age in the form an iPad and Nook paid app.


The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the world’s most intimidating and ultimate first hand details of the persecution suffered by the Jewish people in Europe. The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most popular worldwide biography.


The Diary of a Young girl was one of the best books based on a lot of plays and movies of the grueling incident faced in first hand by Anne Frank herself. Although  all the books, plays, movies and documentaries have always been a huge hit among the people, now is a new angle of view of the diary of Anne Frank.


Depicting the Diary of Anne Frank appealing for the 21st century people living in the digital age a tough task, but Penguin Books managed to pull this off with some flair. Penguin Books have recently released an interactive, multimedia-centric book for iPad and Nook, available in the UK only for now, with the US to follow shortly.



The main section of the App consists of three sections – Anne’s Diary, Story Trails and Timeline.


There is not any added or edited lines of content to the original one but it includes a series of links to illustrative content, such as photos, videos, maps and additional background information.



A full 3D model of Anne Frank’s home in Amsterdam can also be seen.



The Story Trails section lets you delve into key aspects of the story, linking directly to excerpts of the diary with additional notes and narration on the highlighted segments. This is particularly useful for those wishing to get a good overview of the story, without actually reading the full book.



Although the app might not be that intimidating to adults, it is definitely a must have for kids.


Penguin released the app with digital producers Beyond the Story, and charitable foundation Anne Frank Fonds, to mark Holocaust Memorial Day yesterday. It’s available in the UK only, and costs £6.99.

Download Anne Frank: iPad | Nook


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