Foursquare Interactive Map: Galaxy-view of a 500M check-ins

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Foursquare Interactive Map has been recently released its Starry, Galaxy-view of their 500,000,000, that’s the last 3 months check-ins. A very breathtaking view of the world check-ins.


Foursquare has released its last 500,000,000 check-ins with a Foursquare interactive map that wears a more Galaxy-View of the world rather than just check-ins of people’s favorite locations on the network.


The map plots out all the check-ins – which are so complete in some areas, it looks like a boundary map – from the last three months in bright points against a black background. It can be easily noted that most of the activity is in the U.S. and the U.K.


Foursquare has recently revamped its Foursquare Explore recommendations system in its blog.


“What makes Foursquare Explore so powerful is that all those check-ins you see aren’t just single points — they’re links between all the other places people have been, too.”


Foursquare wants you to use Explore as a way to get recommendations on businesses. The company said it uses check-ins to figure out which places you may want to check out based on people who have checked into similar places, as well as by pulling from your friends’ check-ins.


“Over 100 million people a month see Foursquare’s location information through our partners.”


Foursquare would actually have a great effect through Facebook’s recently released Graph search service – a function that helps Facebook users find business recommendations, among other information – this week.


What do you think of the starry world Foursquare Interactive Map? Share your thoughts and comments below.


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