This is how Facebook shatters startups if acquisition rejected

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Facebook has always been popular for its notoriety and diving into new social tools by choking the rising startup to death if faced through rejection.


MessageMe is one of the most popular and fast rising messenger app right now. Facebook has tried to seal a deal with the growing startup to add it to their arsenal of powerful social tools. However, when acted differently by the startup, Facebook is showing the new startup a glimpse of the rivalry in the tech world.


After last year, Snapchat, a photo-sharing app where photos disappear after some time, being a tar, now its the time of MessageMe. They also later cloned the Snapchat app called as ‘Poke’.   According to a latest WSJ report,   The reporter writes:


“On Friday, Facebook blocked MessageMe Inc., a messaging service that had just launched days earlier, from accessing users’ friends list. Arjun Sethi, a MessageMe co-founder, said Facebook cited a section of its policy that addressed restricting apps that copied a core Facebook product or service.

According to people familiar with the matter, the fledgling service had recently rebuffed takeover interest from the social networking company.

Facebook declined to comment.”


Also last year, a startup entrepreneur named Dalton Caldwell said Facebook threatened to kill his startup after he refused to sell, too. Facebook is acting like a roadblock to all the startups and new social tools who reject to be accepted an acquisition deal. Facebook’s API are widely used by startups and everyone, and are an essential components of tools and apps these days. A rejection to the access of these API makes it much difficult for the startups to move further ahead. This is seriously hurting the company’s image in disguise. As far now, there have been no comments from Facebook’s end.


What do you think of their intervention in startup issues upon acquisition deal rejection? Share your thoughts and comments below.  


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