The Low Cost iPhone planned for 2013 could be a boon for Apple

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As per the recent reports coming from various sources, Apple is working on a low cost iPhone alternative. If this deal could be put up by Apple, this would be a big boon for gathering more of the market share.


According to latest reports from a variety of sources, including The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, Apple has already begun working on a next budget low cost iPhone version. According to WSJ, they have been reporting through the years, since 2010 and 2011 about a budget low cost iPhone in the making.


The deal was cancelled out by Apple many a times since the past few years, but now are serious about such device and are planning to begin working soon and expected to debut by 2013 end.


The WSJ was quoted as saying:


“The cheaper phone could resemble the standard iPhone, with a different, less-expensive body, one of the people said. One possibility Apple has considered is lowering the cost of the device by using a different shell made of polycarbonate plastic. Many other parts could remain the same or be recycled from older iPhone models.”


The new low cost iPhone has already a lot of advantages in its side to grab the maximum market share of mobile devices. A majority of the mobile phone users in the world happen to be in the developing nations. Apple’s products and software have a lot of following worldwide, sadly many of whom cannot even afford their services. Apple is one of the most liked brand and this low cost iPhone would definitely increase their global marketshare, sales and also hook up more users to their brand and continue their legacy in the mobile industry.


Bloomberg also stated that Apple was working on cheaper versions of the iPhone that could “widen the iPhone’s appeal and keep it from losing further ground to Android devices.” The rumors of an affordable iPhone completely resurfaced this morning when Digitimes published another report citing supply chain sources that claimed Apple is developing a low-cost iPhone for launch in 2013.


Digitimes said:


“Some sources claimed they had seen the sample of the low-cost iPhone, which will come with a larger display, meeting the prevailing trend for the adoption of 5-inch displays for high-end models. They added that the low-priced iPhone would also have a brand new exterior design.”


The company has allegedly considered a retail price between $99 and $149, and the device, Bloomberg said, while quoting an unnamed person who wished to remain anonymous due to the plans being private, would debut in late 2013 at the earliest.


Although whatever might the rumors have about a low cost iPhone, this would be one of the best boons for Apple and would make their sales and following go boom in a very short period. What do you think of a low cost iPhone in 2013? Share your thoughts and comments below.


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