New MySpace: A tale of Complicated Mess and Promotional Platform

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The New MySpace has recently officially launched from its private Beta and now is a complete mess and a promotional bandwagon, both for their existing and new users.


The new MySpace can be summed up shortly with just two things: confusing mess for both new and old users, and basically a promotional vehicle for the music star Justin Timberlake, one of the main investors in the site.


The splash screen presents a giant picture of Justin Timberlake and an opportunity to log in, or to sign up. Existing users can log in with existing usernames and passwords, and new users can either create a new account or log in using another social-media network such as Facebook or Twitter. In all cases, after the opening screen with the giant picture of Timberlake, users are taken to a page with a slightly smaller picture of Timberlake. Both these pages have the mentioning of Justing Timberlake everywhere.


There is nothing on the opening pages about other users—only about artists. User profiles, though, still seem to be there if you go to them directly. At the very least, it’s less than intuitive. In fact, it’s hard to know how to find anything. All this might be ironed out in time, but no matter what, current users of the site will find that it’s a radically different experience from what they were used to.



The new site offers music streaming and the ability to create playlists and radio stations. The design is minimalist, with a sideways-scroll mode of navigation. The company has said that it no longer is trying to compete with social networks like Facebook, but rather with music services like Pandora and Spotify. Which it also might not be able to compete with given the new Myspace mess it has already created.


What do you think of the new MySpace? Share your thoughts and comments below. 


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