RIM RIP: BlackBerry 10 launch Event in Photos [LIVE]

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BlackBerry has officially Dumped RIM and has launched their new Blackberry 10 with Two new Smartphones and a series of features. Everything you need to know about the Blackberry 10.





“We’ve been on a journey to transform our business, our brand, and how mobile technology transforms communication.”



“So many people have played a role in getting us to this day, developers, carrier partners, customers, communities, and most of all, our employees.”


Today is not the finish, it is just the starting line.” 
“I’d like to take this moment to thank our employees and congratulate them on their accomplishments.”



“BlackBerry 10 will keep [these people] moving.”

“People who consider true multitasking a must have.”

“People who need to get things done, people who need simplicity, and balance.”




“We will be a leader in connecting you to your internet of things.”

“We will soon give you more ways to connect your mobile experience to not just other people, but the whole world around you.”

“A good browser, apps, good camera, and fast networking in your smartphone is just expected today.”
“Today represents a new day in the history of BlackBerry.”


“It took heartfelt, and sometimes brutal honesty with ourselves and others while building BlackBerry 10.”



“From this point forward RIM is now BlackBerry.”

“We have transformed ourselves in and out, refined our vision.”


RIM is dropping its old brand and will now just be known as BlackBerry.






“The elegance in BlackBerry 10 is clear when you want to take action: take a photo, use an app, send an email.”




Blackberry Z10 and Q10





Z10: 4.2-inch screen, 356PPI, uses the “latest screen technology.”

The Z10 is an all touch device, while the Q10 has a QWERTY portrait keyboard.





Textured surface for comfort, “just feels good holding it in your hand.”



“You are only one swipe away from the heart of your activities.”




“We know there are a lot of physical keyboard lovers out there.”



“glass weave cover” on the back. “You won’t find it on any other device. It is thinner, lighter, and stronger than plastic.”


“For me, the BlackBerry hub is [the most exciting thing about BlackBerry 10]”



“BlackBerry Flow” feature for multitasking.



He is demoing a video playing on the display, while being able to check notifications at the same time by swiping to the right to peek at the BlackBerry Hub.



“You never leave the immersive experience of the video to check notifications.”





“It’s like a universal inbox on steroids.”



The interface is very gesture based, everything is activated with swipes.




The keyboard also has built-in multilanguage support that’s accessible with a gesture.


“We are holding to the promise that we have the best typing experience, on either a physical keyboard or a touchscreen keyboard.”



Heins: “It’s typing on a glass screen with one thumb. Magic.”


You can use swipe gestures to access punctuation and other characters.



The keyboard has a unique word prediction feature that lets you “flick” words from the keyboard to the screen. They call it “writing without typing.”


Users can switch modes with a gesture on the homescreen. Apps for work are segregated from personal apps.



Work apps are denoted with a briefcase symbol on their icons.
“We have 60 million users on BBM, and they love it.”



Heins says this lets users easily share information without having to leave their call.


Remember lets you flag emails, notes, photos, voice notes into one central area.



In fact, it even syncs with Evernote, so you can access all of your Evernote notes directly in Remember.




The camera app also has a built in photo editor for tweaking images after the fact. All controlled with gestures.





You can essentially build slideshows with music, transitions, captions, photos and video right on your phone.

Story Maker is a new app to aggregate content such as photos and videos into one stream.

Crop, rotate, enhance, borders, pretty standard fare.



“The deliberate decision to build a platform with developers and apps at the heart of it has paid off.”

“Many people didn’t believe we could create a BlackBerry that delivers an incredible app experience, but we did.”


“We are launching BlackBerry 10 with more apps than any other platform at launch.”


“We have Skype committed to BlackBerry 10. We have Amazon Kindle, we have WhatsApp, we have SAP, and yes, we have Angry Birds committed to BlackBerry 10.”



“Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Oovoo, LinkedIn, among others.”



Rdio, NYT, TuneIn, SoundHound





Box, Reuters, Economist



“We identified our top targets, the apps people talk about, the ones they use the most.”

“How did we accomplish this?”

“Our focus was to partner with these app providers.”



“No need to reboot your device when installing apps.”




BlackBerry Follows in iOS’s and Android’s footsteps










“By the end of February, we will be completing lab testing with 110 carriers worldwide.”




US carriers announcing pre registration today, but no concrete release dates. Expected availability in March.


Pricing to vary, but will cost around $149.99 with a three-year contract in Canada.

In Canada, it will be available on February 5th.




“Before you get to see it, I’d like to make another big announcement.”

“We will announce new pricing and availability info as carries release around the world.”



A One More Thing Moment



“We needed someone who is creative, and into technology.”

“We’ve created a new position at BlackBerry, a Global Creative Director.”

“We are directly engaging with a set of conversations with creative people to inspire the future of BlackBerry.”











What do you think of the Blackberry 10 event and the announcements from the company? We will provide more information about the new devices as soon we get the news. Stay tuned for more latest updates on the BlackBerry 10.



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