The startup universe illustrated [Infographic]

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The startup universe is a much bigger, faster universe. The hub of  startup universe is the passion that runs through entrepreneurs. The startup universe is much bigger than you have ever imagined!

The startup universe comprises of more than millions of companies spread across hundreds of fields and industries. The entrepreneurs and founders make the startup universe what it is today. Startups are now more common than ever before. With reports suggesting that there a staggering 21 Million startups in the USA itself, which is considered as the hub of the startup universe, thanks to the Silicon Valley.

But now many countries and states have recognized of the value that the startups add to the country’s progress. Now there are startup visa’s in UK and Canada. No doubt startups are the major economy and job creators. The problem solving attitude and mission of the entrepreneurs is what drives this crazy universe. A knack for disobeying the status quo, living as per their own rules and working passionately day and night on a vision is what differentiates entrepreneurs from the rest.

Below is an interesting and informative Infographic that covers this crazy big universe in all depths. With data from Techcrunch’s Crunchbase, this is one of the most in depth coverage of The startup universe.



The Startup Universe

Source: b_willers.



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