tlights: Innovative iPhone charging Table Lamps eliminate cable clutter

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As we are witnessing the rapid improvements in Smartphone technology, so are the increasing number of piled up cabled cluttered chargers. tlights is aimed at eliminating these cables!


How many times have you had your work or home desk piled up with lots of  Chargers’cable clutters. There sure is a better innovative, cool solution to those cable clutters from Hong Kong’s M&C Lighting’s.


Hong Kong’s M&C Lighting’s are famous for their cool lighting systems and their new product in line is directly aimed at eliminating the charging cable problems for the iPhone in a cool manner. The t’Light desk lamps promise to help reduce the tangled mound by incorporating charging ports in the base. Each of the company’s four models packs a USB charging port and comes supplied with multi-tip cables compatible with various brand mobile phones and notebooks. Two of them also have an integrated iPhone dock and a power outlet for notebooks, and there’s one with built-in stereo speakers.


Specifications and Features


The original tlight is itself powered from any 100–240V (50/60 Hz) outlet and has a standby draw of less than 1 W.

The base has a built-in 30-pin charging dock for most iPhones, iPads and iPods, as well as an LED screen that displays output voltage, a button for selecting one of seven output voltages for the power outlet next to the USB charging port, and an on/off switch for the light.

This device also avoids unwanted accidental voltage change, which requires the user to press the adjustment button for five seconds.

The tlight S lets you hear sounds from your docked iPod or iPhone, which packs built-in stereo speakers into the angle-adjustable lamp casing. This model also features dimmable LED light output from 0 to 5 W and gains a 3.5-mm Aux-in port for connection of non-Apple players via the supplied audio cable.

It also has both a USB charging port and a 5 V/3 A power output port to the side of its base but also comes supplied with a remote control unit for the LED light and the docked iPhone or iPod.




The tlight is shipped with multi-tip connection cables for various brand mobile phones and notebooks. It’s available from M&C Lighting’s online store for US$119 (including shipping).

The t’Light S is priced at US$169 (including shipping).

The E1 model is priced at $119, while the E2 comes in a little cheaper at $99.



M&C Lighting has just announced two new energy-efficient additions to the range in the shape of the E Series. Suitable for both reading and task lighting, they feature a dimmable 250-lumen 5-W LED light, an Apple-approved USB charging port (5 V/2.1 A) for topping up an iPad, iPod, or iPhone, and a DC output port (5 V/3 A). Connection accessories are included and standby power consumption is less than 0.5 W.


The company reports that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has ordered hundreds of t’Lights E Series desk lamps “for the purpose of enhanced business productivity.


Note: Owners of the latest generation iPads and iPhone’s will need to buy a separate USB-to-Lightning connection cable.


What do you think of the new innovative table-lamp charging device? Share your thoughts and comments below.


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